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Benefits and Importance of Lemon Juice

Benefits and Importance of Lemon Juice  Sanskrit Name & Synonym - Jambira, Nimbuka, DantashataClassical categorization: Charaka – Phalavarga (group of edible fruits), Amlavarga (group of sour...

Dasha Pushpa (Ten Flowers) & Its Medical Importance

Dasha Pushpa means Ten Flowers. They are categorized together due to its medicinal power and sacred importance. They are used for medicines, decorative purposes...


NIRGUNDI – Vitex negundo – Ayurvedic Herb

NIRGUNDI - Vitex negundo - Ayurvedic Herb     LITERARY REVIEW              We come across the reference about nirgundi in kaiyadeva seperately indicated the properties of nirgundi...



Ayurveda (आयुर्वेद) means Knowledge of Life. It is a well developed science of life. It Includes Regimens, Medicines, Karmas, which are needed for healthy life in this world.

Ayurveda is a system that helps to maintain the health of an healthy individual and also cures the illness of unhealthy. Modern lifestyle is prone to different health problems, the symptomatic treatment of modern science does not have answer for various illness related to body as well as mind. Here Ayurveda provides better solution for all kind of health problems. The Main aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of a healthy individual as well as to cure the unhealthy person. Body, Mind, Soul are considered before diagnosing a disease. In all aspects equilibrium is maintained. This makes Ayurveda different from other medical sciences. This is the only science which explains regarding mind, soul, and their relation to the body and how they are causing various diseases and discomfort due to the changes occurs in the equilibrium. We lost many of the texts, references of this beautiful science during various invasions in India. Later scholars collected the remaining that too scattered references and made available for the betterment of man kind as before. Many drugs and formulations which are told in classics are still unknown to us, proper research can produce more wonders in the medical field. You can find information regarding Ayurvedic treatments like panchakarma, shirodhara etc and Basic principles like doshas, malas, dhatus, agini here. We also included detailed collection of Ayurvedic Medicines or Herbs. The Doshas Vata, Pita, Kapha are the basics of Ayurveda, If you are new to ayurveda we suggest to read from there. If have any doubts you can ask us through comments or emails. Here Liveayurvedalife helps you to understand and follow Ayurveda better.

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