Ayurvedic Medicines

Ketakimuladi Taila

  Ketakimuladi Taila has a special property in its Virya, that is it is Sama Sheeta – Ushna in nature (Equally Hot and Cold Virya) thereby which it acts in Pitta Anubandha Vata Roga’s. Also along with its Sama Sheeta – Ushna Virya it is Madhura Rasa Pradhana thereby which it can act as Vata –...

Dadimashtakam Choorna

DadimashtakamChoorna   DadimashtakaChoorna is a one proven drug used for GrahaniRoga’s (Git Disorders), In recent research studies it has been proved that DadimastakaChoorna is having control over Git Secretion and Git Movements. Indications:-Agnimandya (less Digestive capacity), Grahani Git Disorders) , Atisara (Diarrhoea), Arshas, Peenasa (Running Nose), Swasa (Asthma), Kasa (Cough), Tastlesness.


This particular preparation is excellent for Females. Those who are unable to conceive can use this particularly It enhances body strength and mass All types of Vata Roga's 20 Types of disease affecting Reproductive tract Cough, respirator distress, Fever, Body deterioration, Jaundice, Anaemia Increase Urinary Output. Females who use this will get their breast beautiful enlarged with engorged nipples like that...

Gokshuradi Guggulu

  Due to the presence of Gokshura, this particular Guggulu Kalpana is Mutrala (Diuretic), and thus it also helps to reduces Inflammation and Swelling (Shotha) from the body. It has Durmedohara (Relieves excess body fat) and Slight Lekhana Action, and is good for Mootravaha Sroto Vikara (Relieves disease pertaining to Urinary Tract), Mootrakruchra hara(Reduces difficulty in...


This Particular preparation is well used for Skin diseases like Kushta and Shwitra. It is also used in cough, Distended abdomen, Paroxysmal dyspnoea, Hemorrhoids, Diabetes, Diseases affecting spleen And Worm infestations, Distended Stony Abdomen


  Lohasava is mentioned in Bhaishajya Ratnavali: Pandu Rogadhikara, It has actions like Rakta Prasadana, Rakta Vardhana(Increases Blood), Good For Spleen and Liver, It does Durmedoharana(Relieves excess fat) and thus relieves Kandu(Itching). Indications:- Pandu(Anaemia), Swayathu, Gulma, Udara, Arsoruja(Pain caused due to Piles), Kushta(Skin Disorders), Pleha Roga(Splenic Disorders), Kandu(Itching), Swasa(dypnoea), Bhagandara(Fistulo in ano), Arochaka, Grahani(GIT), Hrdroga(Cardiac Disorders). Ingredients:-...

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